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  • Benam̫r "AlantoÌ_ne" Hand Cream
  • Benam̫r "AlantoÌ_ne" Hand Cream
  • Benam̫r "AlantoÌ_ne" Hand Cream
  • Benam̫r "AlantoÌ_ne" Hand Cream


Benam̫r "AlantoÌ_ne" Hand Cream



"The Worlds best hand cream!"

ThisåÊAlantoÌ_ne hand cream by Benam̫r, scented with citronella, is åÊhighly moisturizing, antiseptic and protective. The ingredient Allantoin stimulates cell regeneration and reconstruction of tissues, significantly improving the quality of the skin of your hands, leaving them very soft during the long, cold winter.

It isåÊperfect for restoring balance, regeneration and softening. Its application is indispensable after doing the housework, or other tasks that damage, pollute and affect the skinå«s natural functions. It leaves the hands soft and supple, and has a wonderful citrus scent which is both refreshing and stimulating. It is especially useful for dry and harsh skin, and also for removing and smoothing black marks and blemishes.

The first owner of Nobles laboratories, that shortly afterwards would become the Sociedade de Perfumarias Nally, was a pharmacist who in 1928 patented the Benam̫r face cream, and has since then become a benchmark in Portugal for the excellent quality and effectiveness of its cosmetics. For over 80 years, their creams have had a special place in the cosmetic cases of Portuguese grandmothers, mothers and daughters, of every age and social class. It is said that among it most loyal followers was the Queen Amelia of Orleans, and even Salazar, Portugal's last dictator. Serious stuff.

åÊTheir creams are made based on the same original formula, and its properties remain intact: moisturize, remove impurities, improve the quality of the skin, and have a soft smell. They have even kept the same packaging because if things are well done, why change them?


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