Trend alert - the turtleneck. And hello again..

Yes, hello.

It's been a long while since I put my blogging hat on. A complicated life got in the way there for a bit. We all have them - these complicated bits - and I'm no different. But just this week I remembered how much I love to write, having been a writer for so long before this (slightly mad) leap into retail just two-and-a-half years ago. 

So the blog is back. To share with you this fashion journey and everything else that hits the streets. I'll leave the last 12 months right out, You don't need to know. It was a bleep year. But thankfully, Casa Boheme rocked on, while I was dealing with that. Thank you universe. 

Today marks the start of a new financial year.  And for me -now that I am a fully fledged independent business-owner, on my own - the start of a new financial year might as well be the beginning of something new. 

SO, LET'S TALK ABOUT THIS NOW - SKIVVIES or TURTLENECKS  - Whatever you want to call them, IT'S COLD. LIKE, ACTUALLY, REALLY COLD. And they can be your style rescue. They can. I know many women won't go anywhere near a turtleneck, or dare I say it, A SKIVVY.. BUT..

It's a solution, a chic one. It solves a lot of style issues in the cold. So that is what this blog is about - the turtleneck, the skivvy. The winter essential wardrobe item.  

Wear it under your dresses - winter ones are a no brainer but you can also wear favourite summer ones and take them right through the year.

Wear one under a gorgeous silk shirt too... (a-hem, the new Kate Moss Capsule collection for Equipment is in-store right now. Sorry. had to throw that in. But right there is a legitimate way to wear a rock'n'roll silk shirt when it's freezing, in a way Kate herself would approve!)

But wear it under jumpers, blazers, with denim or pants. It's really a fashion staple piece.

Check it out - 


My favourite blog post on it is this -

And here. I'm giving yo a visual feast of ways to wear my favourite seasonal piece. 


Just arrived in-store right now are turtlenecks by Casa Kuma, pure cotton lovelies. At $65.95 each, they are just a no brainer. 

So, see you in your skivvy, - I mean turtleneck, real soon. And I'll be back again soon.

Best of luck for the 2017 financial year ladies, (and the school holidays too if you're a mumma or grandmumma.)

Big love,

Andi xxxxx


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In the ’70s I remember them as something my mother insisted, ie. forced us to wear lest we catch our death from the dreaded flu or pneumonia.

Then as we moved through our formative years they became an object of derision by anyone else who chose not to wear them lest they be called a baby or dag ( Australian for " nerd " ). Someone influential must have decreed wearing warm clothes during the cold months to be a terrible social faux pas for some reason, I guess.

Trouble was, it was part of my school uniform from the ages of five until twelve and it was impossible to avoid being caught in one during the autumn/winter/spring weekdays.

T’was a lovely thing indeed to hehold, our winter uniform with consisted of a sky blue or white turtleneck T-shirt, aka skivvy under a medium grey V-neck sweater with our school colours banding the cuffs and hem for five to six months of the year, depending whether my mother decided the cold and flu death season had passed.

I hated them until I eventually found them actually to be a warm and comfortable item to wear and I found during my teen years they suited me under denim jackets, blazers, overcoats and other sweaters.

Now, I wear them roughly half of the year and some weeks I wear them 100% of the time ( depending on the weather, of course ).

…What the Hell do kids know, anyway !?

Meryl September 16, 2016

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