Bomber Jacket's here to stay and here's why...

There are so many different fashion trends happening at once, almost too many!

But every season has its stand-out piece, and this Autumn season, it’s the bomber jacket. We’re calling it now – you’re going to see some version of a bomber jacket on everyone from celebrities to Instagram style bloggers, to yes... us cool moms. Bomber jackets are about to take over, and we’re definitely not complaining, at Casa we love the versatility, and the classic charm of this style of jacket. The only question left is how to wear them. Well, we have lots of ideas for you coming up.

But before we get into that, let’s talk about why you should look into this particular piece of clothing. For starters, bomber jackets are the perfect Autumn layering piece. They keep you warm when it’s chilly outside, but they’re definitely not suffocating - perfect for the milder winters we have in Australia. They also almost look better left unzipped – which is on point for Autumn weather. But you can zip it up in winter to stay warm. The right bomber jacket can work as a layering piece that looks right with the rest of your outfit while also looking good as just a jacket. Basically, it’s the best option for weird transitional weather that can leave you a bit confused on how to stay comfortable.

Also, bomber jackets come in so many different colors, prints, and patterns that there’s something for everyone. We love the fun and feminine floral styles over the strictly athletic styles. Why? Because they add that perfect injection of whimsy and irreverence into an outfit that is, oh so, Casa Boheme. There are lots of floral patterns out there to choose from, and we have three favourite styles right now from Free People and Spell and The Gypsy Collective in-store. Bomber jackets are the perfect mix of chic, boho and athletic. Here are 10 tips on why you need one and how to wear it this season and beyond.

Read on..

1. First up, they can be really pretty! The patterns and prints are usually to-die-for. Most of the time, a lot of illustrative genius has gone into them. See them as a wearable piece of beautiful art. Beautiful things make us feel good. 

2. You can dress a bomber jacket up for evening. This is a great day- to-night piece. Black denim and pumps easily takes the bomber to dinner and drinks. 


3. Still, how perfect is the bomber teamed with distressed denim and a belt for running around town? 

4. The tailored style of a bomber works with casual boyfriend fitting jeans too. It smartens them up. A pair of loafers and you're set to tackle any week day task.

5. Yet you can REALLY dress up the bomber. Wear a bomber with a black base colour with all black pieces to impress. You can make a black maxi skirt or black pants/ jeans and black top sing just with the addition of a beautiful printed bomber.

6. A little trick if you are worried about exposing tummy or hips with this shorter, tailored style jacket is to layer it over a looser, longer top instead of a fitted top. So, instead of tucking the top in, let it hand longer and looser under the jacket. This works because the bomber is essentially a layering piece. Black jeans, a statement necklace and good flats and you have another way to wear the bomber.

7. Wear the bomber with leather pants for a whole new take on it - be ready to wow with this outfit. Again, a looser, longer top underneath gives you some needed coverage.

8. Wear a white or cream based bomber with white jeans for what is one of my favourite looks - white jeans in winter. Be the ray of light in gloomy weather. 

 9. Yes you can wear prints and florals together for that thrown on, 'I don't care but it still works' look. The great thing about a bomber is you don't have to get precious with it - you can literally wear it over anything. Stay warm, and chic. (This is the Free People one we have in-store now).

Here's Heidi doing just this with her bomber....

It makes the bomber the perfect 'throw in your suitcase travel accessory'..

10. Last but not least, if you are a true gypset gal at heart and never thought the sporty luxe bomber look was for you, think again. Layer you pendant necklaces and get the fedora happening. The new floral bombers are 'gypset incorporated'. 

Well that is the bomber... remember we have our April birthday promotion going at the moment which makes everything a touch more affordable - spend $300 and receive 10% off, spend $500 and receive 20% off.

Have a wonderful, stylish week. 

Love and light


Andi + The CB Team x



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