ba+sh - the Eponymous French label you need to watch now

IN LOVE with..


If you're like me, there are days you just want to be inspired, transported, injected, thrilled, wowed and lifted. 

Ok, we could drink a flat white (double shot) or a Kale slurpie or eat quinoa and do yoga, meet up with besties, give our kids a cuddle - even window shop at Casa Boheme. But what else?

I'm having a love affair with the social media savviness of eponymous French label ba+sh.

Have I mentioned to you that we LOVE this label with fervour, passion and mucho gusto?

It's the label the cool French girls wear, and it's run by cool French girls, and you can really tell.

So, my tip is, follow ba+sh on Instagram, AND come in and have a perve at their latest Spring Collection it dropped in last night) and basically, FEEL IN LOVE.

Get onto instagram now and follow!



Over and out for now, no need to thank me, really. Hehe.

Love and light, 

Andi xx

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