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Blank NYC - and the black vegan leather legging.

Posted on 24 February 2015

I love a quality black leather legging. I really do. So slick, so striking, so dressed up without all that much EFFORT.
Leather leggings look awesome with a boyfriend shirt, chambray, an oversized jumper and some black boots, or a sweet loafer or stiletto for evening. It's a very clever cool-weather uniform that never dates. But, in the spirit of full disclosure, I will admit that I have as yet not invested in a pair of real leather leggings. It will happen I'm sure, but I haven't taken the plunge yet. Maybe it's because my legs are not the long, supermodel, stretch to my armpit kind of legs that I may have always associated with leather leggings. It doesn't feel like an 'easy buy' for me, just yet.
However, somehow, vegan-leather black leggings have been a wardrobe staple for me a few seasons, and will continue to be part of my wardrobe essentials for quite the foreseeable future. What's the difference between feeling long-legged enough for the vegan kind but not the other? Not sure. Except for the involvement of a cow and a lot more dollars for the real kind there is no rational explanation. 
This post is about vegan leather leggings, or the real leather kind, whatever tickles you better. As Autumn comes around, I thought I'd share a visual explosion of how easy the look is to pull off, and how good it can look.
Hope you enjoy it.
A xx 




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