Loving the black and white trend right now..

Hello there, I'm sneaking in a quick post about how to wear black and white because we can't deny deny there is definately a black and white moment going on, and what is there not to love? I've been noticing it a lot on fashion coming through but this blog is inspired by a 50-something year old, very well groomed woman I noticed at the airport this morning chatting away on her mobile waiting for her luggage by the baggage carousel. She was head turning in a white linen maxi skirt, a black tee, lots of jewellery and sandals. The moment re-affirmed how timeless and glamorous such a simple combination can be. It's not groundbreaking. Just powerful and easy.
Wearing black and white in combinations that aren't expected is part of the trick. The white maxi skirt above-mentioned was the surprise in that outfit. Or, think black skinny jeans with white heels or a black or white blazer. A white dress with a black belt. Or simply as a well cut white shirt and black pants with a great belt. The other key is to accessorise with jewellery - fine or statement - your choice, but layer up. If you are inclined, fedora  and Spring white linen scarf is a all you need. For me, my latest acquisition of some white skinny jeans means the black and white theme will be very well explored this Spring and Summer.
Happy Tuesday!


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