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Shop shopping in Las Vegas - plus 5 key trends

Posted on 09 September 2014

Hi friends,
It's been few weeks between posts.. yikes. I've been busy shopping for the shop! 
I recently spent a week in Los vegas and Los Angeles looking for new and exciting labels as well as looking at the new ranges from trusty favourites we already have. So many fashion labels under one roof! Several roofs actually..
 There was a smogasboard of styles, colours and shapes and all kinds of fashion strutted its stuff, stand after stand. I had to keep lots of notes (journalist style.. my training came in handy) just to help me make sense of the sensory overload.
Shoes, bags, accessories, swimwear, denim, evening, casual. fringing, sequins, tie-dye, leather, sparkly head-pieces, bracelets, belts, rings, necklaces, earrings - so much to see!
Here are some snaps of future orders- 
There were lots of key trends that kept coming through. When I talk about trends, I don't talk about the trends that I think are fads, but rather the nice things to know about what fashion is doing right now and for the foreseeable future. These trends inform us on how to wear what we already have in new ways, how to make quick updates and what to invest in as the staples in our wardrobe.
I saw lots of fads (I think lace bellbottoms are one) but I won't go there. What I did see that I think is worth sharing is that:
1. Classic colours- Black and white - separately and together, metallics, pastels such as blush, smoke, pale blue. Lots of prints - think 70s paisley and animal - leopard, snake, etc. Some pink for tailoring pieces too. A lovely soft, feminine pale pink. Thank fully I didn't see any weird colours making a splash. Remember when yellow was in? Thank god that's over (No. No yellow in my wardrobe in case you were wondering).
2. Fringing and Tassels - what I thought was just a love of mine seems to have found it's way into everything... from tasselled and fringed kimonos, shoes and bags to tops and dresses. Expect the tassel trend to get stronger in 2015. It doesn't all look 70s either, a tassel on a flat loafer for instance definitely does not hurt. Embrace this super feminine, fun thing I say.
3. The 70s  - Although the lace bellbottoms above-mentioned form part of this trend, it also comes with more wearable pieces. White lace and crochet as sweet details on dresses and tops, tie-dye and batik prints make for beautiful t-shirts and dresses. Paisley prints in strong colours as well as pastels create stand out maxi dresses and tops.
4. Embellishments - Hand worked pieces that include delicate beading,  stunning sequins or studs are in, especially for cocktail hour. I saw lots in silver and gold, mint, black, white and ivory. It seems we all love a bit of bling and when it comes to dressing up we can't pass up the opportunity to wear a beaded LBD, a sequin top with pants and maybe just maybe some black denim and a black beaded blazer. Just putting it out there. Crystals and studs on denim is an extension of this theme. The embellished trend was very evident, and it's a timeless one.
5. Distressed denim -  I don't think I need to mention this again (see previous posts for explanation) except that distressing comes in every kind of distressing you can imagine from skinny to boyfriend, light patches to major rips. It's lasting (I'm smiling about this).




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