Spell Play dresses, Paige denim, black leather and my penchant for Spring!

Today, I'm getting excited that Spring isn't that far away.
You see, we received some Spell and The Gypsy Collective play-dresses in-store last Friday, and while the thought of putting on a skimpy play dress sent cold shivers down my spine (and it still does), today I realise that well, even though it's still way too cold for these little, fun,  hot cakes, it's the inspiration that warm weather will inevitably come soon that's the important thing here.
Warm weather is an exciting thought. Full stop.
I've started back at the gym this week after a 6 month hiatus. The whole experience of receiving "skimpy" was THAT exciting. Truly.



Spell Daisy Chain Play Dress, $159, in store now.
Admittedly, I am still concurrently ordering and receiving new knits that we can wear now and through all of Spring, because lets face it, feeling cold in the name of fashion isn't - well - that comfortable. Not at my age anyway. Warm as toast in the face of cold is totally the motto these days. That's why gorgeous lightweight cashmere /silk sweaters and cardi's by Gail Elloitt's vey distinguished label LITTLE JOE WOMAN found their way into Casa Boheme last week (and no, not simply because I have a serious girl crush on the woman).
LITTLE JOE WOMAN, in-store now.
It's also why Spell and the Gyspy Collective will be dropping in brand new ponchos and coats this week... the Tallulah Coat here I come!
But, what do you wear in this in-between stage, when we are neither here, nor there? Denim and leather is my answer to this. A black leather skirt and a well-cut denim shirt will be tran-seasonal winners forever. Same goes for a good pair of denim or black coated jeans and a crisp white shirt and black pumps. If it's cold, a layer of grey cashmere and a warm scarf. A spot of French perfume and out the door, for one lovely trans-seasonal day.  
Just arrived in-store (conveniently for me and my fight against the cold motto) are lambswool, cashmere and cotton/silk scarves by Fair Trade Australian label Cloth & Co.  Leather skirts by Vinetti and Paige denim shirts and jackets. All sorted. Plus, no fear, there are many a-new skimpy thing arriving daily to drift our minds into the warmer days to come! 
A x
PS. Check out my denim, leather, double denim and lambswool scarf inspiration min-mood board here:




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Very cool blog! Loving your denim. I’ve been trying to find a paroif jeans with square pockets on front. I’ve seen few but so far notbeen able to find that “perfect” pair.

Abhishek January 19, 2015

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