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June news and Nkuku (finally) in the house!

Posted on 29 June 2014


You may have been wondering where I've been? Sorry. I'll just use the excuse that it's been an all-hands-on-deck month at our Balmain retail store. JUNE has been HARD CORE. FUN. BUT, HARD CORE.

Firstly we had our launch party! Yay. I'm pleased to report that it was everything I'd hoped it would be - friends, fashion, gastronomic treats, art by Justine Rich, a talented local artist, champers and oh-such-wonderful music. It flew by and I'm pretty sure the host enjoyed it the most. Well maybe, everyone tells me they had a great night. :-) 


 We've had lots of lovely press. Thank you Vogue Living, Country Living, Coastal Living and Sunday Style and Broadsheet (below)! And we did our first look book shoot - yay!

And now, pretty new things are starting to drop in everyday - check out the new Uma bracelet by Philippe Audibert below, hand crafted in St. Germain, Paris. (..but more on that later):

But as a journalist and stylist (masquerading as a retailer) I am going to keep my blog alive. I will, I will, I will.  So I thought I'd blog today to let you know that Nkuku home-wares and gifts (finally) arrived in store!


I know I blog a lot about fashion and not gifts and home wares very often. Maybe it's because fashion comes in and goes out so quickly. There is a new 'crush' weekly. Whereas, while I am always proud of our thoughtfully sourced (if I do say so myself), ethically made / traded, hand-made / well-made home wares, I don't mention them much in my blog.
They are the trusted, loyal stayers that are always there when you (or I) need them. Maybe I take them for granted and don't thank them, or mention them, as much as I should. They are those guys. 
So today - it's a home-wares blog entry about Nkuku - who got my full attention and devotion by taking SIX months to get to me. But like anything that takes time and effort, the result is usually well worth it and in this case, unpacking the "Collections Boxes" and placing them on our centre table in-store made me a happy little vegemite. Can't imagine the joy in owning one and joyfully styling my random bits in there (if I had time right now) or using it for collections of things, or jewels, or giving one as a gift. Exquisite at $64.95.
To (try to) make a long story short - I first spotted these in Selfrides in London in JANUARY, ORDERED them in FEBRUARY. They finally arrived in late JUNE. I love these pieces because they are as sweet as buttons, practical and beautiful. As a design journalist for so many years I often asked myself why the world needed another plain lampshade design or spoon that cost a small fortune. I seriously considered the pros and cons of whether the world needed more products that seemed to be well and truly covered. But when I saw these Nkuku frames, collections boxes and storage boxes in brass, tin and glass, there was a strong emotional response. Yes the design is beautifully simple and smart. Yes my home could do with these. Yes a friend would love one if I gave it as a gift. Yes I can afford it. Yes it's a fair trade product and that means that someone benefits in a big way from making and selling these beautiful objects. But mostly, I just loved them and I'm happy to be sharing them with you. 


Love and light,
Andi x

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  • Jitendra: January 19, 2015

    I love the denim swing skirt! So cute for casual friyads!I just have a question – you often wear heels, and I am just wondering if you walk a lot or live somewhere where you use transportation of some sort…I love your shoes but could never wear them for an entire day! Or maybe you are just one of those lucky girls who can walk in heels for hours without a problem?Amy (nycynicist)

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