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Fun stuff- Wildfox Couture

Posted on 20 May 2014

I'm happy that some of my more graphic labels have started to drop in. I should mention now that I'm a sucker for anything with good old fashioned or new fashioned (or any fashioned kind of) typography on it. Artwork, clothes, sadly even coffee mugs. A good font and I'll buy it every time, hands down.



Wildfox Couture is from LA, and it celebrates life with glam sloppy joes, t-shirts, maxi skirts and tracksuits. (Yes there is such a thing as a 'glam Sloppy Joe', I think).  

I have a few more labels with this graphic comfy clothes  - with a twist - coming for Spring Summer 2014, like Sundry and Hip Tee, but Wildfox I snuck in just in time for Autumn/ Winter.  

These pieces are probably much more suited to school drop-offs in the rain I must admit. For the days one is not feeling like the Spell playsuit and crochet, you know what I mean.

Only a few pieces came in from Wildfox this week (god love my suppliers, and god, please let them love me back) but each piece is as fun and lovely as it is comfortable.

I fell for this label for the simple reason that it makes a fashion moment out of wearing old-school tracksuit fabrics. And many of their "words to live by" mention being late, or coffee or beach or sleeping in or vacations, or pizza and dancing. All of which I am not getting enough of, specially at the moment, so maybe that is the attraction, too. 

The sloppy joe above that reads "Congratulations to me, I made it out of bed" really strikes a chord. I do honestly feel on most days that there should be a medal waiting for me at the kitchen bench top, where I go to (for coffee) on most mornings to try to come to terms with the day ahead after getting out of bed. I love my bed. Speaking of that.. it's 9.49pm... nearly time.



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  • Etta: January 18, 2015

    Thanks for shraing. What a pleasure to read!

  • Carla: January 16, 2015

    Stellar work there evenoyre. I’ll keep on reading.

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