Having a 'distressed denim' moment..

Today I'm posting very quickly about my total penchant and undying love for ripped denim - jeans, overall, skirts. LOVE.
I know, you may be thinking that I don't immediately come across as a ripped denim kinda girl. But, I do have a big patch of love for this sort of thing because I remember a denim fashion moment (many years ago) that was truly special. They were the kinda jeans that in a rush I'd get a set of toes accidentally poking through the knee rip (expanding the rip) instead of coming out the 'proper' leg opening of the said jeans. I was young, and it annoyed me that my rip would keep getting bigger because I always forgot 'to take care' when I slid the said jeans on. Still, those slouchy, faded, ripped jeans remain in my fashion memory as being one of my favourite things in the whole world to wear. So I am pretty excited that I'm going to relive that all over again with ripped denim having its big moment, again. I am currently waiting for our shipment of these super amazing skinny boyfriend jeans with perfect distressing - stay tuned.
Only days away...
Here are some of my favourite 'distressed denim' looks:

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