Spell and the Gypsy Collective

I've mentioned before that I straddle the line between different kinds of boho, depending on the day, the weather, my mood and whims. So it won't come as any surprise that one label I have been shamelessly seducing since last October for my boho-luxe store is Spell Designs or, Spell and the Gypsy Collective.
If you follow these things, Spell has had music festival, Coachella, all wrapped up this week and I'm not sure I can see another instagram, pin or Facebook link to a Spell piece without breaking into tears that..
A) I possibly can't wear a playsuit anymore, but I will try, maybe at the beach.
B) Sadly, I'm not AT any music festival this week
C) the Aloha snakeskin maxi skirt isn't in my hot little hands yet. 
I hounded these talented ladies for months, no joke, to become a stockist of their dreamy gypset rocker clothing and accessories, and with planets aligning, the pre-fall collection should drop into store this week. It's not far away.
Snakeskin prints and crochet, dreamy florals and tassels, what more could I want when the mood is a holiday in Ibiza (even if haven't been to Ibiza in many years) but all the day calls for is that I do the school drop off in the rain, get a coffee and hit the to-do-list.
If you have a boho-heart you'll understand that sometimes, or even a lot of the time, life just calls for this -
whimsy, beauty, irreverence
....at any age, at any time. 
See our Spell Collection here


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