The store.. Paige Denim, Finery grey pony skin boots and Fine Collection

Hello friends,
Bad news, my container has been delayed again. Good news.. I took my mind off the disapointment and retaliated by steaming clothes and hanging them on racks and styling up a storm... ahem.. the term in a store is 'merchandising' up a storm... styling, merchandising... same thing to me! That's right, the store opened early for limited hours this week . There was no reason to wait any longer and basically I needed something to do other than wait for a ship.
Casa Boheme is now a real place, here's a quick pic..
And the other most exciting thing? We got our first shipment of Paige denim in this week. I have loved this denim label from the US for years.. I bought a pair locally when I was about 25, and then one day I visited the flagship store in LA and since then I have been a Paige groupie. I just love the fits and while she never fails to be 'on-trend' she is always timeless. (I love our Nobody Denim too - Nobody you are somebody to me, promise, you never stretch out of shape and fit like a glove with a high waist to cover the muffin tops - but Paige, I don't know, she was my first denim love.)
Get these grey wash numbers on with some grey pony skin ankle boots .... a new love... from FINERY shoes by Australian designer Melissa Butera in Melbourne. Just too cute. 
I'm secretly hoping that I'll be left with a size 38 of these babies for myself...
Tomorrow I'll reveal my other loves at the moment - snuggle up for winter type stuff - 100% pure linen bedlinen and classic but yummy knitwear from hip French label FINE COLLECTION. But, I don't need to blog about it... so many more-skilled bloggers than I already have. Read about FINE COLLECTION from MAN REPELLER about her love for Fine Collection.. I'm expecting a new delivery tomorrow and I'm excited. Can you tell?
Read this... warning - you could get addicted to both the uber-clever blogger and the awesome knitwear in one go...


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