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April is fast approaching.. online first, Balmain store second..

Posted on 24 March 2014

Hi guess what?

It is exactly two weeks today until we launch the online store.


It's really happening now and everyday flies past. I couldn't stop it now even if I wanted too (and at 3am some nights whilst I worry about whether I'll make my deadlines or whether anyone will walk through my doors I have thought about wether it was too late to pull the plug, I kid you not! But then, morning always feel like a fresh start where anything is possible, thank goodness..)

I'd hoped to launch the Balmain shop and web store at the same time, but 'things' don't always go to plan do they? I have 1 tonne (literally) of home-wares on a container in the Atlantic ocean somewhere making its merry way to Sydney and I decided not to open the bricks-and-mortar shop until that arrives. We are hoping it will arrive on 14th April, but we've given ourselves until the 26th April to open the doors. It should be enough time. I think. I don't know. We'll both know soon enough.

BUT as it turns out -and I believe there is always a silver lining- it means that my gorgeous team and I are now working madly on getting our fab fashion, accessories, jewellery and much more onto our online store. We hope to inspire modern bohemian women across all geographic boundaries and well, the internet is our best friend for that. Stay posted. Sign up for our newsletter as we will be revealing our really cool loyalty programme really soon.


Love and light,


Andrea x

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  • Jane Fidler: March 25, 2014

    Hi Andrea!
    I’m an Inner West mum too and your store looks very exciting. Great idea- there’s not really anything in that style around this neck of the woods (I’m in Rozelle) best of luck. Please post if you need any sales assistants when you open your shop in Balmain!

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