Primness and 14 other fashion brands for AW 2014..

I've been asked how many fashion labels we're stocking when we launch (eeeek.. still so much to do). And with all the things in my head I haven't been able to really answer the question without fumbling. So, I thought I'd just jot them down so I can answer the question confidently next time.

The news is, we have 15 fashion labels coming for Autumn Winter plus 5 jewellery / accessories labels. 

I'm a bit shocked it's added up so quick. I'd really like to think that there's something for all modern bohemian hearted women at Casa Boheme. From those of us who like it flowing and floral, to those of us who like it tailored, but still deconstructed and easy to wear. I straddle the road between all types of boho myself so I couldn't stick to just one look... I think a boho girl can have many looks but the common thread between them all is a mix of bravery, femininity, creativity, strength and a good deal of the whimsical and adorable.

A label I have not mentioned until now is Primness, it's my new favourite because I've just looked at a new collection, and it's reminded me how much I love a "luxury staple".


It's designed and made in Australia with amazing shapes, colours and natural fabrics. I love it because I actually crave clothing that never goes out of style, lasts forever, feels amazing against your skin, makes you look dressed up even if you've just thrown something on, and makes you feel happy.

I am a boho luxe chic through and through - I love a good fabric and a beautiful cut and I honestly also believe in value for money. SO, LOOKING FOR A LINE THAT OFFERS LUXURY AND VALUE IS NOT AN EASY FEAT and it's something I aim to achieve. I am still working through this as a "buyer" for CASA BOHEME and I have managed this at times and not managed this at times - that is to say some things offer both, other things offer more value than luxury, others offer more luxury than value. But that's life isn't it? Balance is a hard one to strike.

I hope to get lots of feedback from my customers soon, when I open, I actually can't wait to see what things will be hits, and what things will be total duds... I'm sure I will learn a lot (more) soon.

 Here's a few pics of the Primness Summer collection -  the Autumn/ Winter images of what's coming are not yet available for posting unfortunately!  Stay tuned though... A xx





Interesting approach, but do you have any sguoestigns if you have a lot of keywords to exclude? Our site doesn’t have a small number that dominate. We see loads of long-tail. Suggestions?

Maroccotour January 19, 2015

I love the primness collection
Could you please keep me upto date with all of these items
And when they will be available
Thank you

Karen sweeney January 04, 2015

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