Fragrance, candles and artisan soap

Cousu de fil blanc literally means MADE WITH WHITE THREAD in French. I stumbled onto the cousu de fil blanc soap and candle collection while in France. It was truely a nice moment. I placed an order without any hesitation, full of awe and amazement.

The collection is lovingly hand-made in the south of France with quality, all-natural ingredients, and the fragrances are perfect. The packaging sold me too. None of this has anything to do with the fact that I'm obsessed with colours NUDE and BLACK and WHITE at the moment. Or maybe it does? But I am a candle connoisseur - if I do say so myself - and here I did find the perfect candle to give as a gift, or treat my home. And for that special anything, a divine soap.


So, those who know me know that I am a complete fuss-pot when it comes to fragrance of any kind. I think I was born with a good nose - which can be quite the curse. A good singing voice no, but a good nose yes. Little good does this actually do me, maybe I was born to have a shop with perfume in it? I don't know which/ what is "my calling" but I'm good at picking out a good fragrance, enough said.  I think good fragrance-making is a craft, a tradition, and an art and not something that can truly be replicated in a factory. I went on a mission to look for authentic things like purist fragrances that don't cost the earth (I mean that quite literally too) and these are what I brought back.

So this post is about COUSU DE FIL BLANC (above mentioned) and ATOUR DU PARFUM. The latter is a small boutique perfumery that I also discovered in France. Again, simple packaging and beautiful fragrances inspired me to order it for Casa Boheme. It was one of those things. I didn't necessarily plan to have PARFUMS in the store but I couldn't help myself when I came across it. And, I liked the idea of supporting a small fragrance house doing things authentically and beautifully the good old / new way. (And no, I am not French! But I can appreciate that the French take some things - like fragrance- very seriously and do it very well.) And by the way, there are many beautiful all-Australian products at Casa Boheme too, Australians make beautiful things too and I am proud to be sourcing them on my journey into retail. Here are some pics of sweet and simple ATOUR DU PARFUM... bye for now.. Love, Ax  

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