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The home wares - Bitossi

Posted on 15 February 2014


Yes it's been over a week since my last post - oops. But, ohhh how time flies when you're trying to figure out how to get all the French, Italian, Dutch, Turkish and Swedish home-wares actually home- on a deadline. The biggest surprise was my Bitossi Home ceramics order. Just a 350kg pallette to get to Sydney from Florence via Paris! 

Bitossi, you make my heart sing. Both for your eternally famous, collectable blue coloured ceramic sculptures and now for the more pret-a-porter range of tableware that is coming our way.

I came across Bitossi's beautiful dinner plates, side plates and bowls at my favourite store, Merci, in Paris and then went on a mission to find them and bring them home. Also Italian made, they are impeccably simple in design. Just the ceramic and a glaze over the top.

But, I've come to know that good simple is the most difficult to get completely right! They are also incredibly beautifully made by experts - always a strong point with me. Ensures that they will last, and we will look after them, and so we will have them forever.


I've chosen 3 colour ways - a white glaze, a putty coloured glaze and a grey one. You can mix and match them - or go completely mono. I can't decide what I'll dot. Just have to get that palette here really. And, they are reasonably priced for what they are - it's true.

Also coming by Bitossi is a completely biodegradable, non toxic, non breakable bamboo range of tableware that is a lovely kraft paper-like colour and texture. Unreal for the outdoors, or to get our children away from toxic plastic stuff. Not so hard on the eyes either. And this beautiful tableware is really well priced..



Last but not least, glassware, I came to the conclusion that amber and rose coloured glassware was a necessity. Will make for a happy table every time. Other colours like Lucine, a soft blue, are coming later. 


I'll let you know when this baby actually lands... it's all just pie in the sky right now

I'm crossing my fingers here. I learnt how to import overnight and now I just hope that it works!

A x

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