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Posted on 28 January 2014

Australian label, Viktoria + Woods began in 2005 by Melbourne girl Margie Woods with a small collection of Australian merino knitwear. Now, almost a decade later, Viktoria + Woods is a formidable fashion label loved by Australia women. Best known for their quality designs in leather, silk, wool and cotton, V+K effortlessly mix contemporary luxury and wearability.

It was a match-made in fashion heaven when Margie began her collaboration with Lisa Reynolds, a fashion graduate from RMIT University, to share the role of directing the company in 2010.  Both women shared a love for fashion and met at Melbourne’s Lofft Fashion Agency. Lisa compliments Margie’s fashion know-how and her direction for Viktoria + Woods with contemporary, timeless and functional design and a hands-on approach through the development of patterns and a mastery of tailoring.

Both Margie and Lisa are savvy businesswomen as well as designers, and wear tailored, classic pieces that have a unique style. This relaxed, yet sophisticated style has become the signature trademark in each Viktoria + Woods’ collection of pieces in 100% natural fabrics.

The team at Casa Boheme can’t wait to take delivery of Viktoria + Woods upcoming (and extremely covetable) winter capsule collection in May 2014.

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