Republic of You - Nicoletta Revis

Nicoletta Revis is the free-spirited, creative force behind Australian jewellery company Republic Of You. With a design philosophy that attempts to honour history and humanity, Nicoletta re-invents these themes within her work using an eclectic mix of vintage, antique and collectable materials. 

Republic of You is best known for working unique materials– anything from tribal beads from Africa, WWII air raid whistles, shells,Portuguese crucifixes, even vintage coins and hand carved deers antlers into one-off pieces.

“For our signature pieces we collect beautiful items and weave them into one-off exclusive pieces of wearable art telling a story and breathing new life into forgotten relics from history. We also design timeless neck-pieces and leather accessories for both men and women offering an element of urban grunge style for the discerning fashionista," says Nicoletta.

One-off exclusive piece, "The High Priestess" $639.00
Exlusive one -off piece, "The High Priestess", $639.00

Each design is an all-consuming labour of love for Nicoletta and the small team that assist her at the studio.

“My designs are so eclectic and diverse,” Nicoletta explains. “I tend to go in phases of falling in love with different designs or themes - some months I’m completely obsessed by shells, and other months by old crucifixes”. 

Mother Nature, however, is one theme Nicoletta never falls out of love with. It’s an understandable influence for Nicoletta, who lives amidst the long stretches of beaches and luscious hinterland region of Northern NSW.


Nicoletta Revis 

'Gypsy Spells & Wishing Wells', $79

'The Patti Smith Effect", $89


'Adore & Adorn', $49
The Republic of You collection will be stocked at Casa Boheme from April 2014.  

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