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Posted on 24 January 2014

Well Hello Thursday!

Today was a St. Germain day in Paris. Day 3 of my escape from Sydney. I managed to meet a supplier for a coffee, soak in the atmosphere and visit some shops on my hit-list for gifts - namely kids clothing label BONPOINT - a clever, clever beautiful store.. Check out the merchandising below...


I also had the most awesome hot chocolate. The word is (from the HIP PARIS blog I encountered online) that Coco Chanel drank this very same 'Angelina' hot choc recipe, it's an iconic drink in Paris and I can see why. I inhaled a cup-full in an instant and I highly recommend it. It was worth risking one of my migraine headaches for.

(PS- Next day update: That chocolate was so good I didn't get a headache, I must be reserving my chocolate allergy for consumption of bad chocolate only.)


The store itself was a delight and its shelves would have been equally fit for French perfume as they were for French chocolate.

The most exciting part of today for me was sourcing shop mannequins for Casa Boheme. 

I've loved mannequins for many years, Maybe it's because they are so obviously hand made, timeless, make reference to fashion or maybe because their elegant silhouettes are so striking?

For possibly all these reasons I have used mannequins on shoots to lend their beauty to my magazine pages over the years. I've also owned a vintage 'Stockman' mannequin for years too. Here's a pic of mine in my bedroom taken by The Design Files some time ago.

To cut a long story short - I discovered yesterday by accident that STOCKMAN STILL MAKE THESE BEAUTIFUL MANNEQUINS in a factory just outside Paris. Today I tracked down the Parisian showroom and made my way there. I was in mannequin heaven!


AND if all goes to plan, you'll find some of these gorgeous, artisanal mannequins at launch at Casa Boheme!





Fancy that!


Andrea x

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