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The energy and beauty of Paris - Day 2

Posted on 23 January 2014

In the height of a Parisian winter; grey, windy, raining and generally pretty icy, Paris still manages to be completely, mesmerisingly-beautiful. I'm writing this blog on Day 2 of my first overseas buying trip for Casa Boheme. I've spent the last 36 hours pounding the pavement, sight-seeing (and shopping) in Le Marais district, where I'm staying. This is the old Jewish quarter, and in my opinion, the best place to stay while in Paris. I've visited all the other arrondissements and don't get me wrong - love them - but The Marais is intoxicating. There's a new hip thing, cafe, gallery, shopfront and restaurant at every step.

Real work (ahem..) starts tomorrow.. when I start the buying journey. Tomorrow (Thursday) it's home-wares and furniture suppliers. Can't wait to see what Casa Boheme has in-store ....quite literally! Here are some pictures (and one selfie) of The Marais, Paris. Enjoy.

Love, Andrea x

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