Casa Boheme is born

I've been the purveyor of beautiful things for magazines, newspapers and ad campaigns for a very long time. I'm pleased that now it's time to bring my experience of gathering, hunting and creating together, in one place.

In 2014, I'm launching a retail store, Casa Boheme. I'm both excited and absolutely petrified at the thought. Who starts a retail business in this economic climate? With consumers completely impossible to pin down? (At least this is what retail industry blogs proclaim).

Well, me. I feel both sheepish and proud when I say (out aloud) that this year I'm opening a shop. So why am I doing it? Well, because I have a dream, that's all. My dream is that I'm a merchant of beautiful things that make people (including me) happy. Delicate scents, fabulous boots, exquisite textiles, heavenly gifts and basically a modern bohemian heaven that is a feast for weary eyes. I dream of a getaway place where everything is exciting to look at and all the price tags aren't just for an elite few. Where friends can come to be inspired, have a chat in a courtyard garden and stay or go.

CASA BOHEME means Bohemian House. Casa is 'house' in Spanish (my mother tongue) and Boheme is pronounced"bo-em" and is French for 'Bohemian'. At this point, without a shop-lease yet signed, and without wares to show, it's still a dream. But watch this space, I'm really and truly on it!

Love and Light,

Andrea x

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